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  The H.O.M.E Team Property Management believes that our owners aren't just numbers defined by their home, they become apart of our family. That was one of the primary reasons we chose the name. It all derived from one word... TEAM! We stand firm on partnering with our owners as well as our tenants to produce seven star excellence for both. Communication is important, which is why there is always an open stream created from the beginning. We understand that owners are looking to manifest the absolute maximum out of their asset(s) while tenants want to feel as though their needs matter... because they do! It is our promise to extend service that you are proud to be connected with!



The H.O.M.E Team's STORY

With only a few hundred dollars left after tithes and offering, we had a revelation to begin a business. Despite our financial situation we made the choice to believe God's word. The vision for something that was bigger than ourselves began that evening in our living room and Thomas Equity & Asset Management (T.E.A.M) was born. It was a leap of faith that changed the trajectory of our entire lives, bringing us here to you.  

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Antoinette Pender SecurityNational Mortgage Company Mortgage Loan Originator  NMLS #795025
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