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Owner Services

We pride ourselves on service and our owners reap the benefit. Here are some of the services you can expect as a HOME T.E.A.M. owner.


Leasing Units:

  • Advertise rentals

  • Answer phone inquiries about vacancies

  • Show vacant units

  • Accept rental applications

  • Run credit checks

  • Select tenants

  • Accept initial rents and deposits

  • Sign leases and sign property condition checklist

  • Give required disclosure forms


  • Conduct monthly drive-by inspections

  • Conduct semiannual interior inspections

  • Provide Reports of maintenance, repairs, and any non-tenant expenses to Owner

  • Give rental violation notices when applicable

  • Replace light bulbs in common areas

  • Order the cleaning of garage oils on pavement 

  • Order the cleaning of garbage and debris on grounds

  • Lawn care, trim bushes and rake leaves

(Establish responsibility w/Owner)

Rent Collection:

  • Collect rents when due

  • Promote and establish auto draft and electronic payment accounts

  • Sign and send rent receipts

  • Maintain rent-collection records

  • Collect late rents and charges

  • Inform Owner of late rents

  • Prepare late rent notices

  • Serve late rent, pay or quit, and unlawful detainer notices

  • Serve rent increase and tenancy termination notices

  • Deposit rent collections in bank

​Property Turnover:

  • Inspect unit upon tenant move-in

  • Inspect unit upon tenant move-out

  • Supervise general cleaning of unit upon tenant move-out

  • Supervise cleaning of floors, carpets and rugs