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Small Apartment Buildings

Single Family Residence

Townhomes & Condos


Single-family Residence means that the building is usually occupied by just one household or family

Whether you have multiple units in the same building or one single family home,             is committed to ensuring that our Owners know we are on their team and we treat their asset as if it is our own. Providing owners "Peace of Mind" is our priority! We take pride in making sure every aspect of your investment is handled with care to give you assurance that you've joined the right TEAM!. 

A Duplex is a multi-family home that has two units in the same building. These two units always share a common wall, but the floor plan can vary. A duplex building has a single owner

Condos: Depending on the style, condos could be private, individual homes or apartment-style units.

Townhome: Townhouses share one to two walls with neighboring units, but don’t have units above or below them. 


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What are Owners and Tenants saying about Us

Britton & Sami Jo

I have been working with Thomas Equity Asset Management (T.E.A.M) for a little over nine months. They were first our property managers, but then Tantiana also became our realtor®. 


It has been a smooth transition on both sides utilizing this company.


As our property managers, what we appreciated most was that The H.O.M.E Team Property Management were responsive to both our tenants and us regarding any concerns. They truly were the middle ground for all communication. They had resources and companies they partnered with to assist with maintaining our property, the inspections were thorough and on time, and money transfers were consistent.


As our realtors, The H.O.M.E Team was knowledgeable and transparent. They put our best interest first by providing all the options and allowing us to choose the direction as they guided us. Also, The H.O.M.E Team offered resources when we were unsure of our next step. I would definitely recommend you all to our family and friends! Thanks again for being a great resource for the development of our family's financial growth and future!


- Britton & Sami Jo Justus

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